PEO PPE Preparatory Seminars

Planning on Writing the PEO PPE?

Focussed Consulting offers an interactive two day seminar covering engineering law and ethics using a highly useful and organized course material.


99% of our seminar participants pass the PEO PPE on their first attempt. If you are not successful passing on the first attempt, you can attend the next seminar free of charge. So far over 2100 PEO PPE (Professional Practice Exam) candidates have attended our seminar and passed.  They have also given very good feedback about the seminar.

Registered candidates will receive good pre-seminar material by e-mail to start preparation.  Pre-seminar material includes: suggested plan to study, important chapters to read and much more important material which is a good study guide (for use prior to and after seminar). Presentation material and additional handouts will be given to during the seminar. The Focussed Consulting seminar will have your confidence level greatly improved after the seminar (based on past participants feed back).

During the seminar you will:

  • Receive coaching from an experienced presenter & practicing professional engineer
  • Receive Excellent course material (worth $75) & overview sheets for Law and Ethics (Summary)
  • Have access to previous PEO PPE exam questions (10 minimum)
  • Teach/Discuss key topics with in-depth explanations and real life examples to clarify key concepts
  • Receive useful tips and advice for writing the PEO PPE & suggested format for answering the case studies
  • Participate in group discussions on PEO exam case study questions
  • Tort liability – Contract laws-O.Reg941/90 Sec77 & 72 will be covered in depth . PEO PPE Syllabus will also be covered
  • Excellent opportunity to network with other engineers
  • Light lunch and coffee included.

The Focussed Consulting Advantage

Our PEO exam seminar will save time and help you achieve your career and licensing objectives. We offer high quality information at a competitive price. E-mail support is also available after the seminar.

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