Benefits of Becoming a Licensed Engineer


If you, as an engineering or technical person in Canada have a P.Eng., you have an advantage regardless of where you have come from. A P.Eng. is highly recognized by employers and customers. If you have a P.Eng., the organization where you work will notice you and recognize your value. Some government jobs (at all levels of government), specifically mention a P.Eng. as a requirement. So the people who have a P.Eng are better positioned to find jobs. If everything else is equal, your opportunity to advance in the organization is better. People in other countries like the U.S.A. are familiar with a P.Eng. and they regard it positively. You can use “P.Eng.” after your name, and you are allowed to sign public documents according to guidelines.

As P.Eng. you are expected to keep up to date in your profession and participate in professional development. This forces you to improve your professional standing as a P.Eng.

Finally, if you are a P.Eng., you can take part in regulating the engineering profession itself. There are various means by which one can participate, for example by volunteering; taking part in elections to councils; and chapters. Apart from the benefits listed above, there are others like participating in group insurance for automobiles, homes, etc. In some cases, people who are going through the P.Eng. process will get reduced insurance rates. Professional engineers can become members of the Ontario Again professional engineers can participate in promoting engineering in the provinces in which they live.

In summary, the holders of a P.Eng. License have distinct advantages. You can use the license to advance yourself. With a P.Eng. License, you can expect better professional and career development and prospects.

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