Feedback From Participants

“I am very happy to tell you that I got my results the other day, and I have passed my PPE. After taking the course, I felt confident that I would not have any trouble with the exam. Sure enough, I walked out of the exam with no doubt in my mind that I had passed.I have already recommended your program to others taking the exam. It worked for me, and I know it would work for them too.”

Thanks again,

“Your course made the PPE exam a breeze for me and, if it was graded, I’m sure I would have gotten 90+%!”

Thanks for your help,

“Thank you for very informative training, fantastic materials and your fabulous presentation. I appreciate the information and advises you have given which greatly improved my confidence at attempting the PPE. Your expertise and help have been invaluable during this process and I passed the exam on my first attempt. Again, thank you so much and I sincerely appreciate your efforts.”

Cordially Yours,

“Thank you so much for preparing me so wonderfully for the exam. I have a learning disability that normally requires special accommodations for exams such as extra time, quiet room, and memory aids. Due to the time restraints, I was unable to secure these accommodations for the PPE exam. With the training and help I received from your course, I was able to pass the exam well within the allowed time and without any issue. Your course was amazing and I have already referred your course to a colleague who has already signed up.”


“I have passed my PPE! Thank you so much, the course was a perfect mix of knowledge and tips and tricks to pass the exam! I definitely believe I passed because of your course! Thanks again!”

Karla Cassidy

“I received my results and I am pleased to announce that I passed the examinations.I am very pleased with your seminar due to the excellent case studies presented, notes and presentations you provided during the course I will certainly make a recommendation to my colleagues.”

Best Regards,

“I have to say that your seminar is extremely helpful, and I have passed the exam”

Hao Hu

“I am on sabbatical leave in Hong Kong and it took a while before I learned about the result. I am happy to tell you that I passed, and your seminar has been very useful.”

Professor W.K. Liu
Department of Chemistry The University of Hong Kong
Pokfulam Road Hong Kong

“I passed both parts. In fact, I did quite well. Thanks for the teaching.”


“You’ll be happy to know I passed the PPE, and found that your course was very useful in making the preparation process more efficient and “Focussed”.”


“I took Ramadoss’s PPE preparatory course and I passed both Law and Ethics exams in the first shot. His class was as useful as I expected and helped me learn the material in a quick and efficient manner. I appreciate his help and I totally recommend his class.”


“I did complete the PPE successfully! Your prep course was a great help”

Thank You,
Jonathan Di Tosto

“I took your PPE Prep course earlier this year and wrote my PPE on the 18th of April, I just wanted to let you know that I passed! Thank you very much for your help, I would not have been able to do it without you! I have been recommending the course to all my engineering friends!”

Thanks Again,
Barry Goss

“I attended classes for the preparation of PPE.I got the result and I have passed the examination. I am sincerely thankful for all your guidance, making us comprehend the complex subject matters in digestible form and the preparatory material. Without these it would not have been possible for me to pass the exam. I appreciate all the efforts you have put behind all of us. Now I have to satisfy the experience requirements. That’s all from me. Have a nice day and best wishes.”

Ketan Raval

“Your teaching was great–it is hard to make material this dry interesting to listen to for two days.I am much more confident about the exam at this point”

Allison Simmonds

“This seminar is practical and very much focussed in what we have to do in the exam, so I will say Congratulations and keep up the good work!”

Carlos Zuniga

“Seminar was informative and generally improved my confidence at attempting the PPE. Material was well presented and prepared. Handout was useful. The handout booklet is superb idea of extracting the relevant required material for the PPE. Best of all lunch, coffee, snack made the seminar a great buy at a very economical (very reasonable price)”

Mahadeo Tahal

“I got what I intended from the seminar. I wanted to get guidelines to answer the exam and also get answers on any questions that I had reading through the books. The presentation was good and I feel confident that I will answer the PPE well.”

Pramod Pillai

“First of all I would like to thank and appreciate you for the productive and informative PPE preparatory seminar you arranged on Nov. 9th & 10th in U of T. Two days professional and active seminar without even one second tired and exhaustion. In fact, your experiences, your attitude, your knowledge, your categorization of subjects and your method to running this seminar and submitting the subjects, made me and made us so confident to go to the exam.

I have been a teacher to teaching technical subjects (Concrete structures) and legal subjects (Law for engineers) to new engineers in my home country in Civil Engineering System Organization for 8 years and I have had about 45 classes, courses and seminars for them during these years, but honestly I could say in addition to learning Law and Ethics in Canada, I admire you for the method of holding a productive professional seminar which you applied.

Before coming to seminar, I had thought with this huge amount of subjects which I have to read and memorize in this short time till to the exam, I probably can not prepare myself with a sufficient knowledge to go to the exam, but now and after two days seminar with you, I strongly believe that based on what you categorized for us, I have found and have achieved a method to study and learn the Law and Ethics in the rest time till to the exam. We have learnt how to use and manage our time to read, learn, memorize and believe the principles of Law and Ethics in the exam and more important, how to apply these principles in the professional life in future. In other word, you really made the Law and Ethics bright and clear for us. Again I appreciate all your endevour in last two days and thank you for everything .”

Pramod Pillai

“Good preparatory course to understand law and ethics principle for all engineering professionals including foreign trained engineer”

Dengming Ding

“Very useful session As name states-It is really focussed. Focussed to succeed. Keep Q and A separate like 15 minutes after each hour”

Bipin Gupta

“From seminar, I understand the concept of law and ethics. Now I feel confident about my PPE. It saved (reduced) my study time.”

Kamran Iftikhar

“Very sincere effort to inform us and to develop exam capability and skill-appreciate it”

Anit Mukhopadhyay

“It was excellent as to the result I have got from seminar. I feel more confident and there were some valuable remarks I became aware of”

Haisam Yakoub

“Provided excellent information Made concept of ethics and law clear and understandable Level of confidence for PPE enhanced All questions are answered”

Kalim Mir

“I think good effort has been made for this seminar taking into account time limitation. Good work and my appreciation”

Yasser Raslan

“The seminar was presented in an interesting manner and the information was useful. After the seminar I understand better the concepts of the engineering law and professional liability”

Amir Degeta

“I strongly believe that my confidence level on PPE exam increased from about 10 % to almost 100%. It is my pleasure to express my gratitude to Mr.Ramadoss for his excellent job done with this regard. Thank you so much. I strongly recommend his class to any one who doesnt have confidence /time regarding PPE. The seminar will save time and also boost confidence level”

Premaratne Rankoth

“Really this seminar helped me to understand the Ethics and Law of P.Eng. and I am very much confident to clear my PPE Exams”

Mukund Patel

“Now I know how to prepare for PPE Exam”

Viatcheglav Safonov

“It has been very useful to me to know where I am standing with respect to PPE test, having received tips how to best answer the questions and feedback from previous experiences. Also several clarifications received helped me fully understand the concepts”

Juan Russo

“The seminar was great and very useful experience. My confidence level is fairly higher now that I understand what I need to focus on during preparation. The material provided were excellent as well”

Bayan Qandil

“The teacher builds up a very warm and friendly environment in the classroom. He is very well prepared and prompt to the needs of the individuals”

Jinhui Cao (Richard)

“In general the seminar is very good, including the timing and the handouts provided .I should say as well first the food and other services are appreciated. One thing I would like to emphasis is the seminar in some way must continue through e-mails just to update us with some special issues or just to send us some topic/answers that will help us out”


“Service Excellent, Seminar communication good, course material excellent, presenters ability very good. My confidence level very high- much higher than before the seminar”

Saiful Abudulai

“Confidence level much better. Seminar better prepared me for the exam by focusing on important material and what to study, how ton approach questions and procedure for answer. Instructor always available through e-mail even after seminar”

“The seminar was very helpful. The instructor communicated effectively before the seminar by e-mail, during the seminar and after the seminar making sure that we were all okay. The course material is excellent. The snack break and lunch was also very good and much appreciated. Now I feel more confident about how to approach the PPE exam.”

Patrick Cheng

“The over all seminar is great. It is very useful in organizing the proper way to approach the study material in order to save time/ reading for the PPE exam”

“I have better understanding of the subject. This course is designed to target on passing the exam”


“The over all seminar is great. It is very useful in organizing the proper way to approach the study material in order to save time/ reading for the PPE exam”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar and the manner in which it was conducted. I gained vital information and now know areas/sections that I need to concentrate on. My understanding has improved, as I was able to seek clarification. I certainly do feel confident about taking the exam.”

Faisal Habib

“Ramadoss, thank you very much for the energy & care you put in to the course. The booklet/handout& definitions summery was very complete. Format of the workshop very good. Breaks and lunches very suitable!! Thanks. I feel very confident that I will be ready when I finish going through your material.”

“It is very good experience to have a clear definition from PPE perspective and group discussion held will improve the technique and knowledge of understanding the question. So I highly recommend the seminar from course content, price and presentation point of view to any one who plan to take PPE”

Ms. Bisrat Gelan

“The net result of the seminar was definitely good. It has raised my confidence level .The service was good. The coverage is seemingly adequate. Good ability to teach. Good pre-seminar communications. I am now confident to pass the PPE”

“Good Presentation, well planned, it will be good to extend one more session for case studies. Good course material.”

Viplav Kumar Mazumdar

“Service was very good. Course material is useful. I am more confident”

“With this seminar I have learnt the concept, definition and how to write the answer to questions. Case study discussion followed by recommended solution cleared all my doubts”

Ganesh Saha

“Great service. Course material good with brief and focussed study topic. Considerate, explains concepts in easy to understand manner”

“Through this seminar I have gotten good and important hints in how to approach the case study questions (before I didnt even know how to start writing something) plus the key definitions. I feel now confident in getting through the exam.”

Martin Garrido

“Excellent course, lots of clear direction regarding what direction to take while preparing for the PPE”

John Headley

“Excellent service. Coffee and lunch provided. Handouts excellent. I feel very confidant about exam now”

Darryl Walker

“Seminar was excellent. Provide more group discussion”

Subrota Bairagi

“The seminar has greatly increased my confidence level. The instructor did a great job in presenting the material. He is very knowledgeable in the subject he presented”

“Service was excellent, communication was good. Confidence level is better”

Amar Mahmood

“The seminar has greatly increased my confidence level. The instructor did a great job in presenting the material. He is very knowledgeable in the subject he presented”

“The seminar was really wonderful and you interacted with all the participants very friendly. Due to this I think everybody asked many questions and you may be wondering that why they are asking those simple or silly questions!!!”

Pawan Madahar

“This is a good seminar. Teacher prepared a very useful handbook with all definitions terms as well as some other useful ,necessary material. Group discussions are held to help students to practice. Moreover lunch and coffee breaks are offered”

“It definitely helped me feel more confident about taking the exam”

Tom Vandemoortele

“The service, pre seminar communications are good, the classes are fun and helpful. Over all the seminar was excellent”

“It is a valuable seminar, well-presented and explained well. Time was well spent”

Tham Shanmuharajah

“Over all seminar is good to understand, but if it is necessary focus on in depth law and ethics subjects. Concepts are clear and easy to write exam and remember for ever law and ethics situation”


“I think it is very interesting and examples are excellent”

Roland Tillekeratne

“Pre seminar communication -very good,Course material good,Ability to teach- good,Confidence higher”

Paul Ursea

“The seminar was very useful, increased my knowledge and confidence going into PPE. I would definitely recommend it to anyone wishing to brush up on examination material”

“This seminar was very useful and helpful to understand the exam materials. I will recommend this seminar to my friends and all candidates”

Samir Dabbour

“I have passed the PPE. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you a lot.I really consider myself lucky that I was able to attend you valuable seminar which saved me a lot of studying time and effort and more important well prepared me to be able to answer the exam’s questions in a professional format.”

Ashref Alzawi

“I took Focussed Consulting Ramadoss’s PPE preparatory course and I passed both Law and Ethics exams in the first shot. His class was as useful as I expected and helped me learn the material in a quick and efficient manner. I appreciate his help and I totally recommend his class.”


“I did pass the exam. I was very pleased with the quality of the course. A great time and an amazing value. So good infact that I have also strongly recommended my friend take it.”

Best Regards,
Jeffrey Mazzei

“I passed both Law and Ethics portions of the PPE. I found your course (I did the on-line version) very helpful and concise. Thanks again.”

Mike Lee

“I am pleased to tell you that I got my results today and I have passed my PPE, yahoooo!. After taking your course including the study techniques I gathered from your course helped me gain the confidence to pass the PPE exam. I walked out of the exam with a sore elbow and with no doubt in my mind that I had passed .I have already recommended your program to others taking the exam. It worked for me, and I know it would work for them too.”

Hannan H Hafeez

“I passed both the law and ethics portion of the PPE. I studied 2 half weekends after the course and found the exam to be really easy, as I was done in 2hrs. In fact one of the ethics questions was the exact same one our small group did together in class. I doubt I could have been as successful in as short amount of preparation time.

Thank you so much for the course as it definitely helped. I was recommended the course by a colleague in my company and I’ve already recommended other people in the office to take it as well.”

Don Bai

“I’m pleased to report that I passed the PPE. I’m pretty sure that without the course I would not have been successful, which was similar to the testaments I heard from others after taking the course. Understanding the rubric was very valuable. Thank you!”

Steve White

“Thanks for the excellent course, it was one of the best ones I’ve taken in recent memory. I studied afterwards for 10-15 hours, but you had already covered the material so thoroughly, that in hindsight, I really didn’t need to. I really liked the group discussions we had on the old exam questions. That helped solidify all your lecture notes. I’ve already highly recommended you to several colleagues who are also applying for their P. Eng.”

Mike Ajersch

“I can not tell how much thankfulness I want to say to you. I want to leave a testimony to you website but seems I can not do it myself. All what I write in here you can put into the feedback if you want. After I received the PPE exam notice I registered the first available exam. Because of your excellent seminar I wasted no time. I went to write the exam and got pass. I do have fellow co-workers who are applying or going to apply for PEO license. One is now expecting PPE exam notice. I had cordially recommended your seminar to him. After I told him he opened up your website immediately. I believe he should register to your seminar as soon as he receives his notice. The whole engineering department has being watching me and everybody is very convinced.”

Wang Xinqi

“I passed my PPE as well.Your course was key in helping me focus my preparation, and provided me with the confidence to do well without stressing. Thanks.”


“I took your course for the PEO PPE at the University of Waterloo last fall. I just wanted to inform you that I did pass both parts. Thank you for all of the hard work you put into your course, it certainly helped me get through the exam successfully.”

All the best,
Jeff McDonald

“I attended the PPE course conducted by you on 9th and 10th Nov 2013. First I would like to thank you for your efforts and time which you put in this subject , to make it in easy form for us to adapt and understand it. I feel pretty confident after attending the course. Thanks once again.”

Akash Gupta

“Hi Ramadoss, I was a participant of your seminar in November 2013. I am writing to inform you that I have successfully passed the PPE. Thank you for your help and support. I will keep in touch.”

Imtiaz A.

“Hello Mr . Srinivasan,I am pleased to inform you that I have passed the PPE. Thank you so much for your help on preparing for exam. Your seminar was very effective, it helped me to understand the subject mater within very short period. I appriciate your help”

Best regards,
Shawkat Khan

“I have passed the PPE as well. The course was great, good hands on learning and the group sessions answering questions was extremely helpful as gets people’s attention and answers question in a way where the knowledge can be applied to other situations/questions.I will certainly recommend your course to other people going to write their PPE in the future.”

Keegan Gregory

“I’m pleased to report that I have passed the PPE. I thank you for your valuable help in getting prepared for it! I enjoyed taking the course and it was a pleasure to meet you. Keep well.”


“Thank you very much for providing this wonderful seminar! I passed the PPE, which is impossible without your seminar. I will definitely recommend your seminar to my colleagues, who will take the PPE soon.”


“Your material, teaching style, and advice were impeccable! The exam was exactly as you said it would be. I was able to answer everything WITH confidence in just over 2 hours.Thank you againg for making this moment successful”

Oscar Devesa

“Thank you for putting together such an invaluable PPE preparation material, especially the videos, definitions and solution to previous question papers. It was extremely useful for my PPE preparation. I had appeared for the exam today and went very well. I believe I will pass the exam.. I literally thanked you in my mind today while I was writing the exam in the examination hall in Windsor, so I decide to drop a line to you to show my gratitude for your help. Best regards Brajendra
University of Windsor”


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