Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do PEO NPPE Candidates take seminar?
    • Seminar saves preparation time, focuses on the important topics with respect to professional practice exam (PEO NPPE) which will greatly help in passing the exam with high confidence. Seminar explains among other things what to expect in the exam and how to go about answering (Multiple choice Questions). (Hard pressed for time, want to pass the exam in first sitting… are main reasons)

  • How is Focussed Consulting Seminar Structured?
    • It is one day (Weekend- Saturday or Sunday) Seminar. Usually 8.30 A.M to 5.30 P.M. Key topics will be presented during the seminar. Law Topic will be covered in the morning and Ethics in the afternoon. Practice Multiple choice questions with answer keys will be provided. Approximately 160 MCQs with answer keys will be given in seminar. Seminar is planned keeping in view that holding one’s attention for long time is a challenge, so breaks are planned accordingly. Light lunch and coffee (included in seminar fee) breaks are part of that. Though it is adult learning situation, certain class room techniques used in school and universities are used to ensure seminar objective is met. In all it is highly interactive, enjoyable seminar which will meet or exceed your expectation. (Course outline given below)

  • For some reason or other you need to write NPPE again what happens?
    • If you attend Focussed Consulting Seminar for writing the NPPE Scheduled immediately following the seminar and for some reason or other you were not able to write NPPE/ not passed the NPPE (which is usually not the case), you can attend the next NPPE seminar free of cost. We will request you to bring the material provided to you during the seminar (Our seminar is very competitively priced). Candidate need to e-mail giving the details and Focussed consulting will confirm that. Any one taking seminar under this circumstance, are expected to take within a year from the date of seminar for which initial registration is made. Request for such seminar to be made at least three weeks in advance.

  • What is unique about Focussed Consulting seminar and services?
    • The seminar facilitator is a practicing engineer who understands clearly the needs of the participants and facilitates the seminar with passion. The seminar facilitator has 11 years (as of 2020) experience teaching NPPE mainly in Manitoba, real life examples to drive home concepts … are among the unique aspects of Focussed consulting PEO NPPE Seminar. The preparation doesn’t stop with seminar, pre and post seminar communications by e-mail, help with record of engineering experience to those who need some tips are other advantages of Focussed consulting seminar. Seminar registration is on line with different payment options and can be done from any where any time.

  • How to register and make payment?
    • The Registration is done on line(internet). It is simple process. Payment can be made using any standard credit card. PayPal- one of the popular internet on line payment solution providers-handles the transactions, by mailing the check and by bank transfer (Bank transfer needs account information which will be provide upon request. This is usually used by persons from out of province, country. In Toronto payment by cash option is available. You need to travel to pay within city. E-mail us for this option.

      When you register you can continue to pay by credit card and registration is complete. However, if you register only and choose credit card payment option and not able to complete payment at that time, you need to register again to proceed with payment by credit card. In that case please mention in the comments column that you have already registered -it helps in avoiding duplication.

      We don’t have the capability to take credit card number over phone and charge and also, we don’t have machine to accept card at the seminar locations. If paying by credit card, only through the web site.

  • What is on line seminar and for whom it is advisable? How it is different from Regular seminars?
    • An online seminar is a compilation of resources from a live seminar. Video of the live seminar, all materials provided and used during the seminar are among the resources made available to those who choose this option.

      It is advisable for those who are not able to make it to the live seminar in any of the locations at the scheduled dates. (Though this option is best under certain circumstances for some who plan on writing the PEO NPPE, one should consider this only if they are unable to come to live seminar. The reason being our seminar ‘s unique feature is highly interactive nature). On line seminar – you will be watching the video on line and if you have question you need to e-mail us. Once you register and make payment, we will give you access to video and materials that can be downloaded. During registration process choose on line seminar.

  • In case in class seminar is cancelled due to Unexpected reasons, what are options available for seminar registrants?
    • When in class seminars are cancelled for unexpected reason (like public health emergency, Extreme weather…) , participants have option to take online seminars, reschedule the seminar without cancellation charge and even cancel registration -in that case 100 % refund will be issued.

  • How much study time is required for the exam?
    • This is one of the common questions I get. As you may be aware the favorite answer of an Engineer to any question is “It depends” right?

      Similarly, my answer to the question about study time for NPPE is, it depends on individual ability to grasp and remember the material. It ranges from few days to few weeks preparation before the exam. (Based on feedback from students who took the exam)

  • Is there any deadline for seminar registration?
    • No, there is no deadline for seminar registration. Toronto fills faster than Ottawa and Waterloo/London ON.  Based on the demand we offer additional seminar in Toronto. Details are available in the seminar registration page. Once the registration reaches the class capacity, we will close the registration for those dates. If you are particular about a particular weekend for attending the seminar (in Toronto), it is advised you register early to ensure your registration goes through for your choice of dates. For Ottawa and Waterloo/London usually there will be space available based on past experience. However it will be in the best interest for the person planning to attend the seminar to register early, as pre seminar material (very useful study material which includes definitions -Law & Ethics, plan for study, important chapter details, different licenses) will be e-mailed once registered and seminar fee is paid. Pre-seminar material will help you focus and plan your preparations even before attending the seminar. Change of seminar dates are not allowed, once registered. However, if you are postponing writing NPPE to next sitting, you may be allowed to transfer your registration to seminar prior to that sitting. (We will be needing this request in writing and we shall try and accommodate if subsequent seminars are planned as usual)

  • Is it required to read the book, if we are attending the seminar?
    • As a seminar facilitator, I recommend reading at least the important chapters in the Recommended text books. Again, the important chapters (Chapter numbers) are e-mailed once registered and payment is made for the seminar. Reading the text will give completeness.

  • What is the cancellation policy for those who registered?
    • If you decide to cancel the registration, you need to e-mail us right away. If you are canceling one week before the seminar, registration fee will be refunded (less $25 for administration fee). If less than week (Excluding seminar date) 50 % of registration fee will be refunded. If you don’t attend the seminar and no cancellation, you will not receive any refund. Seminar registration can be transferred to future seminars (This option will require re confirmation from Focussed Consulting). Please note we will issue check for the refund after the final seminar for the season.


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