Recommended Reading

Suggested Text (PEO PPE Exam)

For Ethics:

Gordon C. Andrews, “Canadian Professional Engineering and Geoscience: Practice and Ethics”
Fifth Edition, 2014, published by Nelson Education Ltd. ISBN: 0-17-650990-9

Tel: (416) 752-9448 or 1-800-268-2222
Fax: (416) 752-8101 or 1-800-430-4445

For Law:

D.L. Marston, “Law for Professional Engineers, Canadian and Global Insights”
4th Edition, 2008, McGraw-Hill Ryerson. ISBN: 978-0070985216

Tel: (905)430-5000 and 1-800-565-5758 (from outside Toronto)
Fax: (905)430-5203, 1-800-463-5855

The Publisher information is given above. The books can be purchased in books stores like Chapters, Cole , University book stores…

The books are usually available in public libraries/reference libraries.

For used book availability please e-mail us, we will connect you to participants of Focussed Consulting Seminar who completed PPE and willing to sell their books.

As a teacher I recommend going through the book for through preparation. If time constraint, at least the important chapters in the book (which will be e-mailed part of pre seminar material on registration) should be reviewed.

How to start and stay ahead in an engineering Career in Canada

ramadoss-book“You need to read this book if you are looking for a job in your engineering field, planning to apply for P.Eng., in the middle of licensure process and professional development. You will benefit from the first hand experience of the author who went through the process”

“Topics covered include Canadian Experience, Proactive networking, Successful interview skills, Professional Engineering license, Potential immigrants, New graduates and Professional Development”.

“Depth of the experience rather than breath is valued…” are very true and if people read your book it will be very helpful for them. You have tried to put most relevant things in the book, covering people trying to come to Canada up to successful candidates trying to do their P.Eng. – Raj Shankar, Internationally trained Engineering person working in his field in Canada.

Ramadoss Srinivasan P.Eng. is an internationally trained Engineer who is working in his Engineering field. He has coached hundreds of Engineering and technical people guiding in the area of job search, P.Eng. License process. His seminars on these subjects gets excellent feedback.




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